About Us

The work of the companies known as InsaneDesign and InsaneWorld  have been combined into this one site to serve as my online portfolio. This site now hosts all the work I have done over the years.

InsaneWorld has been in operation for two years. Since its inception, as a simple site for uploading and testing, it grew as my fascination for webdesign and electronics grew. So did my ability to help out others.

InsaneWorld and InsaneDesign were founded in 2003 when I started buying up sites with the name "insane" in it. I started  webdesign my freshman year of high school and am now a freshman in college majoring in Information Sciences. I am a one man operation.  I do the design, coding and all that is involved in creating a live dynamic site. I know C++, CSS, Java, Flash, PHP, Html, and much more. 

I do this for fun and during my free time as a way to learn and experiment. My business has evolved and I continue to work for family, friends and help out in the community.

I have a very wide range of abilities (view portfolio) Enjoy!

My goal is to satisfy all customers. I strive to help each customer get exactly what is wanted and perfect for the needs described.

If I can be of any service to you, feel free to contact me.