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Products & Services - Data Center

As Choice has grown, we have expanded to have our own data center to manage a number of services for our clients.  Unlike your typical offsite data center, Choice’s data center is much more robust.  Most data centers are warehouses that simply cool and power equipment.  We have technicians on staff whose focus is on management and maintenance of the systems in our data center and who you can talk to directly if you have an issue.  These technicians monitor our data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; so that you can be assured that your system resources are managed appropriately.  The data center is protected with a generator that runs on natural gas, so if a major electrical outage occurs, the data center will continue to run.

Data center services include:

  • Redundant circuits
  • Redundant servers
  • Daily backups
  • On-site staff that manages hardware
  • On-site staff to work with one on one
  • Server co-location