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Choice Technologies publishes newsletters quarterly to update our prospective and current customers on the latest news in the information technology industry. 

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October 2008
  Never lose your Internet connection with Astrocom
Keep working even after a server disaster with Double-Take
January 2009   Why do I need a Backup?
What kind of Backup do I need?
What should I do to make sure my data is safe?
March 2009   Upgrade on a budget
Warranty and Subscription management and extensions
May 2009   When is the right time to upgrade your servers?
End of life/ Hardware failure, Software incompatibility
End of support on software
New system requirements


White Paper

Choice Technologies offers white papers on key topics in the information technology industry.

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White Paper on Protecting Your Technology from Downtime and Lost Data

Technology can be a double edged sword.  On one hand, it increases productivity across your entire organization.  On the other hand, downtime and data loss can bring your organization to a screeching halt.

Information technology has been evolving for years, yet there remains one constant in the world of IT:  You can’t count on your PCs, servers, or networking equipment to have 100% uptime.  These pieces of equipment are still electronic machines, and are subject to similar reliability concerns that you have to keep in mind with any other electronic appliance.  Problems can arise from electrical faults such as power surges, or random hardware issues such as hard drive crashes or the death of a power supply, or a myriad of other random events. 

In any enterprise, whether it is a small medical office, a Fortune 500 company, a not-for-profit organization, etc., you have to keep these concerns in mind in order to stay productive. 

Like any other business decision, the investment you make in your IT infrastructure has to be justified by the productivity gains you make from ownership.  Below is a chart of what most people would think of when considering costs and benefits from IT.

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